Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients?

Our Oil is made up of nature's best Rosemary, Almond, Coconut and Nigella sativa.

How is it different than all the other products on the market?

It's simple. Our oil is handmade with the purest ingredients with no chemicals or additives to increase the shelf life or maximize profits. Our philosophy is farm to hair. 

I've been using oils and treatments for years, why should I try your's?

Because our treatment is bringing you what nature created for you without any interferce meaning chemicals, additives of any sort, they have the maximum impact and perform their job to their best potential.

When will start seeing a difference?

Everyone is different. It depends on your internal health, genetics. But most people start seeing results within the first 3 months. Remember nothing works overnight and if a product or treatment is making that claim than we would pass on it.

How many times should I be using it?

Ideally twice a week. But we're all humans and we have schedules so it's no big deal if you forget or are not able to, just use it whenever you get a chance. 

What if I've allergies?

Our product does contain nuts so we will advice you to check with your health care provider before giving us a try.

Is it safe to use for eyebrows and eye lashes?

Yes. Hair Saviour is 100% safe as the ingredients are all food grade but its made for the scalp and you could be sensitive. So be careful.

I dye my hair, will this effect my hair colour?

No, we have no chemicals in our product so all it does is hydrate and feed your scalp. It won't interfere with your hair colour.

How much should I be using every time?

A little goes a long way, so a few drop in your scalp and after you've massaged the product in your scalp, whatever is left on your hands just hydrate your hair ends with it

Will it stain my pillows?

No. But it's an oil based treatment and if you've over used it or it hasn't been absorbed properly than yes there's a high chance it will. We suggest massaging the product well inorder to avoid that.

Is it child safe?

Yes. Technically its edible but we wouldn't suggest you try that.

Do you offer discounts?

We regularly hold events, so please be sure to signup for our email newsletter inorder to take advantage of our promotions. 

Is there a contact number I can reach to?

You can email us at

What is your return policy?

No returns or refunds. Thank you